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How It All Started

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The CEO said it all, OTK was founded on a cause to preserve wildlife and nature as a whole by replacing timber use with light steel channels. According to ​WWF​ there about 200 to 10,000 wildlife extinctions that occur every year due to human activity and deforestation which is leading to an increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and we all know what that means for the world, yes, you're right, “Climate change”.

At OTK not only do we care for the environment, we are also dedicated to the provision of incomparable standards of quality, service and innovation in the manufacturing and trade industry. OTK takes pride in possessing the FIRST comprehensive line-up of light steel construction products across Zambia which are of high standard and are ZABS certified.

Choosing to use OTK Light Steel channels means two things; Firstly, you are contributing in saving the environment we live in. Secondly saving your pocket from maintenance expenses since OTK light steel ceiling system is termite proof, water proof, easy to install and durable, hence no maintenance.


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