OTK Steel Channels

Lighter, Tougher, Lasting

Shift to OTK Light-weight, Highly Galvanized Steel Channels

At OTK We manufacture quality, dependable steel channels for Rhinoboard Ceiling, PVC Ceiling, Dry Wall Partitioning, Suspended Ceiling, as well as Accessories and a whole lot more. 

The OTK Steel Brandering system for gypsum and PVC ceilings is a modern, cost effective replacement of timber brandering for flush plastered ceilings and bulkheads.

The beauty of the OTK brandering system is the precision it allows due to the straightness and evenness of the profiles making this a preferred option for installers.

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ZABS Certified

Our profiles are high standard, humidity resistant, heavy Zinc-coated and durable quality products which meet the standards of  ASTM C645-99, ASTM A366/366M, A653M-95, BS EN 10142;1991, BS2994:1976 &BS 2989:1982. ZM 750

We are also proud do declare that OTK is using steel with high Zinc coating in accordance with G90/Z275, which is higher that recommended by ASTM Zinc Coating.

Our profiles are fire resistant and quality with a  fire resistant rate E119.

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