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Our profiles are high standard, humidity resistant, heavy zinc coated and durable quality products which meet the standards of ASTM C99-645, ASTM A366 /366M, A653M95-, BS EN 10142:1991 BS2994:1976 & BS 2989:1982. ZM 750. We are also proud to declare that OTK is using steel with high zinc coating of G90/Z275, which is higher than that recommended by ASTM Zinc Coating. Our profiles are heat resistant and qualify with the fire resistance rate E119 . Using cold-formed steel, we manufacture our innovative OTK channels and light steel frames for ceilings and partitioning.

OTK is dedicated to the provision of incomparable standards of quality, service and innovation. We take pride in possessing the FIRST comprehensive line-up of light steel construction materials across Zambia, made from  highly galvanized  cold roll formed steel. We are manufacturers of light steel ceiling and wall profiles such as Wall Angles, Main Channels and Furring Channels.


The OTK Light Steel System is a versatile, easy to install, and cost-effective solution for any suspended ceiling design. It is composed of Wall Angle, Main Channel, and Furring Channel, with additional components like Perforated Light Steel Channels, Corner Beads, Edge Trims, and Board Protectors available for added design and protection. The system can be used with a variety of ceiling finishes, including Gypsum boards, Fiber Cement Boards, and PVC boards. With its simple installation and reliable performance, the OTK Light Steel System is one of the most popular suspended ceiling solutions available.

Our durable steel profiles are perfect for both residential and commercial use. Our steel is made from high-quality materials and has been tested for strength, durability and performance. We manufacture the best quality steel profiles which are durable and last longer than other materials used in construction.




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