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Suspended Ceiling Steel Channels

We are proud to introduction the all new and improved OTK Suspended Ceiling System

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Based in Lusaka, OTK Ceiling Solutions build and install Metal Stud Walls for homes, commercial and industrial properties Lusaka, Chipata, Ndola and throughout much of Zambia.

Our expert metal stud wall partitioning provides an excellent, cost-effective addition to almost any home, business or factory.

Using a stud wall, you can create anything from a new closet, to an en-suite bathroom, or even a whole new bedroom or a fully functional office workspace using your existing space.


After the walls have been plastered and painted they look fantastic, integrating seamlessly into the rest of the room and the house. We carry out all our work to exceptionally high standards, leaving your space clean and tidy once work has completed.

Use your existing space effectively, with cost-effective stud wall construction and installations from OTK.

Used Channels

Advantages of the suspended ceiling system are it's simplicity, ease and durability.

main tee.jpg

OTK Main Tee

                   Dimensions in mm


cross teee.jpg

OTK Cross Tee

                   Dimensions in mm

Length:600 or 1200

suspend edge trim.jpg

OTK Edge Trim

L or W Shaped